Welcome To Daphne's Massage


Daphne's Massage is located in a tranquil area of north Belfast, just off the Antrim Road about two miles from the city centre - offering a welcoming and comfortable environment in which to relax and unwind. 

Daphne's approach to massage is basically holistic - with an emphais on the whole person - including mind, body and spirit.

She is trained in a wide variety of massage techniques including full-body Swedish massage, Thai yoga massage, Indian head massage, hot stones massage and reflexology.

So if you feel the need for stress or pain relief or just want to recharge your batteries Daphne has a massage that will suit your individual needs.

The many different forms of massage all share the same basic principles. Just look at the many ways that massage can benefit total health.

♦ Massage reduces stress and promotes relaxation, thereby minimising stress-induced illness. 

♦ Massage increases blood circulation and lymphatic fluid movement improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body and elimination of toxins. This alone is highly beneficial to the general health of the entire system.

♦ The massage of chronically tense muscles aids in the removal of built-up toxins and improves the structure and function of the area, providing not only physical relief, but improved psychological well being.

It is no surprise that more and more people are turning to massage as a treatment for all types of health conditions. For those suffering the effects of stress, the relief provided by massage is unsurpassed.